Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Case of the Week 425

This week's case was generously donated by Dr. Mike Mitchell. The patient is a teenage girl with vague abdominal complaints. No anal pruritus was noted. The following were seen on colonoscopy (cecum).

A biopsy was also performed which showed the following:



Eagleville said...

Enterobius vermicularis

Anonymous said...

The video does give a morphology compatible with E. vermicularis though the anal pruritus was not noted. Definitely not a T. trichiura, it is size wise too large to be Strongyloides or hook worms and too small for A. lumbricoides.
Since my practice involves more "whole worm" rather than "cut worm", I will be anxiously awaiting for a festive enlightenment.
Florida Fan

Anonymous said...

I will second Florida Fan. The biopsy is unhelpful to me as well, whole worms and eggs are more my game.

I will go with E. vermicularis simply because I've seen videos of EV that look exactly like this.

Michigan Micro

Anonymous said...

Possible Anisakiasis?

Anonymous said...